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Centertainment is the collective name under which the record labels Pseudonym and Transmission and the music publishing company Frozen Mind! Music are bundled. These companies have all sprung from the mind and from the incredible dedication of Hans van Vuuren, who has been working like a demon since 1992 to document the history of Dutch pop music on CD.

He started with the re-issue label Pseudonym, on which albums from Kayak, Motions, Outsiders, Tielman Brothers, Jan Akkerman, Q65, BZN, Magna Carta, Finch, Clan Of Xymox, Livin' Blues, Bodine, Gruppo Sportivo, Brainbox, Group 1850, Picture, Zipps & Normaal amongst others were released.

In the mid 1990’s Van Vuuren founded a separate label for new releases: Transmission Records. He was able to place first Ayreon, then After Forever and Epica on the musical world-map via this label, not to mention albums by bands such as Helloïse and Asrai and the metal opera Aina.