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New release: LP DRAMA - Melodrama |1-11-2013

New release: LP DRAMA - Melodrama

PSEUDONYM RECORDS are pleased to announce from the original master tapes of the album Melodrama by the legendary Dutch rock band DRAMA.

Drama has always been one of the more captivating of those Dutch ‘one-album’-bands in the early seventies. The band, featuring band members Polle Eduard (vocals, guitars), Ulli Grün (keyboards), Shell Shellekens (drums) and Frank van der Kloot (guitars, vocals), was founded from what was left of After Tea in 1971.

Their album Drama was recorded in the GTB Studios in The Hague with Hans van Oosterhout, who worked with Supersister and – after Drama - with the newly founded Alquin. The eight songs on the album show the wide musical interest of the band-members, culminating in a mixture of blues, post-psychedelica and dreaming westcoast-orientated songs. In 1973, just a mere 18 months after their formation, Phonogram did not continue the contract and soon Drama split up. The band never reunited, but their album got some attention in 1997 when it was issued on cd by Pseudonym Records. Now, sixteen years later, the material of Drama forms the bulk of Melodrama. A high quality 180 gram audiophile pressing featuring five tracks from the original 1972-album, which are augmented by five previously unreleased tracks. Among them is a longer version of the Frank van der Kloot-penned No Doctor.

This 180 gram vinyl LP is housed in a deluxe fold out cover full of rare memorabilia and exclusive liner notes with interviews with former band members of Drama. The recordings have been exclusively remastered from the original master-tapes.

Release November 23rd, 2013.

Order your copy by mail: office@centertainment.nl

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