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New release; 2LP SUPERSISTER – Long Live Supersister! |9-04-2013

PSEUDONYM RECORDS are pleased to announce from the original master tapes of the album ’’Long Live Supersister!’’ by the legendary Dutch progressive group SUPERSISTER.

Supersister’s music was smart, funny, provocative and endlessly inventive. Emerging from the deep, fecund soil of the late ‘60s Dutch underground, their unusual, challenging music found receptive ears, elevating Supersister to the vanguard of European progressive music in the early ‘70s with seminal albums like Present From Nancy, To The Highest Bidder and Pudding En Gisteren.

Long Live Supersister! is a deluxe 180gm double-LP set presenting an array of stunning, previously unreleased live performances from 1971 and 1973, along with four rare studio tracks, cut in Germany in 1971. The album comes in a beautifully designed gatefold cover featuring rare photos and exclusive new interview material with the band’s Robert Jan Stips.

Order you copy by mail: office@centertainment.nl

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