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New release; CD GROUP 1850 – Paradise Now / Agemo’s Trip To Mother Earth |9-04-2013

PSEUDONYM RECORDS are pleased to announce a newly re-mastered edition from the original master tapes of the classic albums ’’Paradise Now’’ and ''Agemo’s Trip To Mother Earth’’ by the legendary Dutch Psychedelic band GROUP 1850.

Group 1850 were the most daring, innovative, dangerous and audacious band to come out of Holland in the 1960s. Formed in The Hague in 1964, the group released a string of superb singles before embarking on their first full-length album, Agemo’s Trip To Mother Earth, in 1968. A year later, with a radically revised line-up, they recorded their second LP, Paradise Now. Both albums are a wide-eyed, wide-open, synapse-electrifying set of songs, it sounds like the transmissions of a burnt-out satellite spinning through the galaxies of inner space. They stand as a high-water mark in European psychedelia and have since become highly sought-after collectors’ items. 

This beautifully packaged CD release presents both of these Dutch psych masterpieces in their entirety. As a bonus track the stereo version of their single We Love Life (Like We Love You) is included, The CD booklet includes rare photos, memorabilia and full liner notes by Mike Stax of Ugly Things Magazine.

Order you copy by mail: office@centertainment.nl

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