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New release; 2LP RO-D-YS – Take Her Home / The PHILIPS 45s |9-04-2013

PSEUDONYM RECORDS are pleased to announce from the original master tapes of the album ’’Take Her Home / The PHILIPS 45s’’ by the legendary Dutch beat group RO-D-YS. 

One of Holland’s greatest, unheralded bands, the Ro-d-ys hailed from the small village of Oude Pekela, in the northeast province of Groningen. From this remote rural outpost, carved out of the region’s peat bogs, the Ro-d-ys burst forth onto the Dutch music scene in 1967 with a uniquely original sound that was always several steps removed from the rest of the beat music pack. 

This deluxe 180 gram audiophile pressing Take Here Home: The Philips 45s is a magnificent double-album collection, presenting all of the Ro-d-ys’ A- and B-sides of their 45rpm releases in their original mono mixes, along with an array of bonus tracks, including choice selections from their Just Fancy and Earnest Vocation LPs, hard-to-find obscurities like Tomorrow and a previously unreleased version of Flowers Everywhere

Order you copy by mail: office@centertainment.nl

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