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New release: LP MR ALBERT SHOW – Warm Motor |9-04-2013

PSEUDONYM RECORDS are pleased to announce a newly re-mastered edition from the original master tapes of the classic album ’’WARM MOTOR’’ by the legendary Dutch progressive group MR ALBERT SHOW.

The Eindhoven-based Mr. Albert Show can be considered as one of the ‘jam bands’ from The Netherlands in the late sixties, combining elements from rhythm & blues, rock, soul and psychedelica. The five-piece band, led by saxophone player Bertus Borgers (Sweet d’Buster, Golden Earring, Groove Express) was a truly wild sensation for anyone who witnessed one of their gigs between 1969 and 1973. In between those years, the band recorded two albums, both fetching high prices from international record collectors.

For the first time 1971’s Warm Motor reappears on the collectors’ market through Pseudonym Records on a 180 grams audiophile pressing. This reissue of Mr. Albert Show’s second album comes in a heavy carton sleeve with the original design by Joost Swarte.

Order you copy by mail: office@centertainment.nl

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