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OUT NOW: 2CD CARGO – Cargo |29-11-2012



Released in anonymity to an unsuspecting Dutch public in 1972, Cargo’s lone album became a self-fulfilling prophesy when it disappeared after minimal radio play and no live dates to back it up. But Cargo had already had hits under their original name, September, and their talent would not remain buried forever. In subsequent years, the album became the stuff of record collector dreams -- as prog fans ate up its uncanny improvisational transformation of Allman Brothers influences (check out the incredible dual-guitar work of the de Hont brothers, Jan and Ad) out of the American South and into a psychedelicized continuum of space and time both terrestrial and celestial. This deluxe 2CD reissue gives you not only the original four-song LP and artwork, but 14 previously unreleased bonus tracks, their 3 singles under the name September, incredible remastered sound, and extensive liner notes telling the full Cargo story by Doug Sheppard of Ugly Things magazine. Forty years after its release, Pseudonym Records has given this renowned progressive rock artifact a reissue that upholds its legacy. Also available on high quality 180 gram vinyl audiophile pressing.


Order your copy now by mail: office@centertainment.nl

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