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COMING SOON: CD THE ZIPPS – Kicks And Chicks: Ever Stoned |13-11-2012

COMING SOON: CD THE ZIPPS – Kicks And Chicks: Ever Stoned

PSEUDONYM RECORDS are pleased to announce a CD edition from the original master tapes of the classic album ‘’KICKS AND CHICKS: EVER STONED’’ by the legendary Dutch Beat, Psychedelic group THE ZIPPS.  


The CD-version of this album contains more previously unreleased material. Such as the original versions of Mari Juana (Give Me Your Smell) and Benzedrine Bass Player (Hurry I Need Benzedrine), the never-released single The Singer Was Stoned/Lotus Love, instrumental and alternative versions, extended versions of Kicks And Chicks and When You Tell It, Tell It Well ..!, live versions of Roll The Cotton Down, The Beer Hall Song from 1965 by The Beat-Town Skifflers, the previously unreleased Watch What Happens! from 1971 and the pop opera Genesis: The Paradise from 1972, the very last, official Zipps recording. The 16 page booklet comes in an eye-blinding psychedelic sleeve, containing the Zipps history and is illustrated with special photos and illustrations. KICKS AND CHICKS: EVER STONED is a great monument to The Zipps and their legendary music. Be Stoned! Dig: Zipps!


Order your copy now by mail: office@centertainment.nl

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