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COMING SOON: 2LP BRAINBOX – Dark Rose / Their 45s |7-11-2012

COMING SOON: 2LP BRAINBOX – Dark Rose / Their 45s  

Brainbox was something special. The band not only featured some of the Netherlands’ most preternaturally talented musicians, but in less than three years they produced a recorded legacy that was truly world class. Much of their best work appeared on their 1969-71 singles, which have been compiled on this definitive 2-LP collection, pressed on 180gm vinyl and dynamically re-mastered from the original tapes. 

The original lineup with lead-guitarist Jan Akkerman, bassist André Reijnen, drummer Pierre van der Linden and vocalist extraordinaire Kaz Lux deliver the goods on pile-driving blues rock songs like Down Man and Dark Rose, and the hard-hitting Hendrix-inspired rocker Amsterdam, The First Days—all presented in their original mono mixes. After Akkerman’s departure, Brainbox expanded its musical palette with guitarists Rudy de Queljoe (ex-Dragonfly) and John Schuursma (ex-Rob Hoeke’s R&B Group), recording memorable tracks like Between Alpha And Omega, Doomsday Train, Mobilae and the blisteringly powerful Virgin. Dark Rose / Their 45s also includes previously unreleased demo-versions of Virgin, Dark Rose and the epic Sea Of Delight. It comes packaged in a magnificent gatefold-cover with rare photos and liner-notes including exclusive interview material.

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