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new release: Deluxe 4CD Box TEE-SET – Mythology
Tee-Set is one of the most successful pop bands Holland has ever known. The band scored 22 hits in a row. She Likes Weeds reached the top position, while Ma Belle Amie as one of the few Dutch records that managed to achieve a high ranking in the US Top 10.

Despite the fact that we have moved forward a millennium, the Tee-Set is still being played on the radio. And thanks to the Pseudonyms rereleases, the band’s first album, Emotion, is fully available again. At a reunion show in their hometown Delft, March, 2014, the original band members were awarded a gold record because the Emotion sales had exceeded 50,000 copies. In addition to that, some band members received a lifetime achievement award, for more than five million Tee-Set records sold worldwide! When the famous Westerpop Festival in Delft asked the band members to join forces one more time, they did. On August 29th 2014, they played an impressive set, attended by 7,000 spectators.

This is being celebrated with the appearance of the 4cd box Mythology, which will be in stores on November 25th. Mythology contains a whopping 99 tracks: 25 Top 40 hits, including the original single-versions, 20 unreleased tracks/versions, and 61 CD premieres. The total playing time is not less than three hundred minutes, or five hours. Add to that the personal story of former publicity officer Harry Knipschild and a large amount of unique photographs, and it's clear: Mythology is really a monument to the Tee-Set . 

Available as 4cd and download 

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